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reconnection IIThe result is a reconnection to the fullness of who you are.Reconnective Healing®

About The Healings
Reconnective Healing® introduces your body
to unique energies and attunes you to new frequencies of energy, light and information
which allow for healing on all levels at the
physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual levels. 
How does it work?
The Reconnective Healing Practitioner® connects with a person's energy through their hands. The practitioner is a conduit, allowing a flow of high level frequencies (energy/light/information) into the auric field of the body. It does
not involve any physical touching or body contact.
Reconnective Healing® assists in renewing the human body and energy system
at the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. As you attune with the new high level frequencies of energy, you begin to feel the changes inside your own body and a reconnecting to the fullness of who you are. The work continues long after your session with you ultimately growing or evolving at a higher rate.
How long does it take?
The usual treatment period is one to three 45 minute to 1 hour sessions. Each person heals in their own way, guided by the Universe. Some will experience instantaneous healing and others may take hours or even days to notice a difference. Some observe the change only upon reflection over a period of time as life begins to flow more easily. The energies, attune you to a higher frequency which in turn can create lasting change.
What will I experience?
Many people have reported experiencing the following:
- Having an expanded state of consciousness
- Going to a very deep still place in your mind
- Feeling many sensations including tingling within the body or hands
- Muscular movements which you may or may not be aware of
- Seeing colors or hues of a beauty beyond our experience
- Feeling like there are other healing hands on your body
- Having an 'out of body' experience
- Having a sense of others being present
Does Reconnective Healing® work on physical problems?
A healing is not necessarily a cure, but is a return to inner and outer balance.
Every health issue is a combination of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. As the energy system in the body becomes balanced again through Reconnective Healing®, you allow yourself to come back into balance. You simply allow, the Universe provides. You heal.
How does Reconnective Healing® effect my daily life?
Many clients also report an increased power of intent. Life seems more focused, clear and meaningful. The power of your intention will bring you into balance and your creativity will come forth. Your intention becomes your healing force on all levels. Spirit expressed. This self-healing is the true healing in Reconnective Healing®.
Distance Reconnective Healing™ session - $33

In-Person Reconnective Healing™ session - $65

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